Hell-bent on having fun

by EsTerre

We are this funny creature

Seeking a reason for our existence

When we discovered there is none

We became hell-bent on having fun

But fun is a powerful drug

Turning Homo Sapiens into a thug

So when we thrash the place

On which our existence depends

A “high” IQ should tell our race

This is where the fun ends

My Mum told me you can’t take

Both the icing and the cake

Adverts over-rode this advice

And greed is such a powerful vice

I know the reptilian brain

Makes it difficult to restrain

Why wait for tomorrow?

When we can have now

The object of desire

And life can be such a cow?

To give ourselves a reason

To continue this existence

We put into the world children

Whether they want to be here or not

Now that is what I call abuse

The planet is getting hot

And no-one has the courage

To say kids are not part of this plot

Published by The BirthStrike Movement

We are leftist revolutionaries seeking to liberate children and animals from oppression.

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