Anonymous Research Opportunity

Greetings everyone, I have received a request for interviews for a university research project about the complications of having children during climate change. This would be for academic purposes and potential interviewees would keep their anonymity. The researcher spearheading this project is also open to preliminary discussions before any interviews take place. Please feel freeContinue reading “Anonymous Research Opportunity”

Workers at Holler Health Justice Seek Self-Management

by Spencer Rocchi (This is an article that I wrote for the Industrial Worker about an organization in West Virginia, USA that helps provide clients with access to abortion. The original article can be found here.) Workers at Holler Health Justice began meeting with the West Virginia branch of the Industrial Workers of the World last yearContinue reading “Workers at Holler Health Justice Seek Self-Management”


by EsTerre I have a hesitation as to the elation or is it a vexation? Maybe the subject of commiseration? To find myself to be (or not to be if you feel Shakespearian) the manifestation of a proliferation


by EsTerre We blow the tops off mountains We dredge the bottom of seas We fly to visit other planets And have done away with bees We are prolific with our seeds And don’t give a second thought To what is in store for the weeds That into the world we brought Was that CreatorContinue reading “WHY?”


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