For the love of our children

by EsTerre

If we had children they would have been pretty
If we had children they would have been witty
If we had children they would have been clever
Had we had children they may well never:

Never forgive us the collective stupidity
Never forgive us the unfettered greed
Never forgive us that on the day we conceived
We didn’t instead spend the time watching telly

For what future is there for nine billion of them?
All of them programmed to come out on top
Having grazed the surface of the planet
Left to search the universe for a place with a crop

If we had children we would have loved them
And hoped in return they would love us
Nobody to look after us when we are old
Nobody to leave things to when we are cold

The biggest act of love is not to have them
In 80 years time a search for life may be in vain
What chance do they have for a future?
Not having them we’ll have saved them much pain

I am a woman hence programmed to bear them
Have a lovely mate, would have been a fantastic Dad
I am depressed when I think about Humans
But maybe my children would have been barking mad!!

So leave them where they are, as such they are perfect
Won’t play, nor steal, lie, murder, love or create
Leaves me to long for what could have been
And leaves our children in a much happier state

Published by The BirthStrike Movement

We are leftist revolutionaries seeking to liberate children and animals from oppression.

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