Childbirth in the age of climate crisis: A new psychological crisis

by Asya Robins THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS AN INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT REASON WHY MANY PEOPLE ARE GIVING UP ON HAVING CHILDREN. AS ANTI-BIRTH MOVEMENTS PROLIFERATE, PSYCHOLOGISTS RECOMMEND MAKING CRISIS A PART OF EVERY CONVERSATION WITHOUT “MONSTROUS” IT. “Choosing to have children is an act of love. But choosing not to have children is also an act ofContinue reading “Childbirth in the age of climate crisis: A new psychological crisis”

Positive Trends in “BirthStriking” Concept

I have been noticing more open dialogue about intentionally abstaining from procreation in light of climate change and other social and economic issues, so I made a video: Here are the 3 articles: Men rush to get vasectomies after Roe ruling Canadian influencer gets real about climate change and children: ‘The overwhelm is real’Continue reading “Positive Trends in “BirthStriking” Concept”