Workers at Holler Health Justice Seek Self-Management

by Spencer Rocchi (This is an article that I wrote for the Industrial Worker about an organization in West Virginia, USA that helps provide clients with access to abortion. The original article can be found here.) Workers at Holler Health Justice began meeting with the West Virginia branch of the Industrial Workers of the World last yearContinue reading “Workers at Holler Health Justice Seek Self-Management”

For the love of our children

by EsTerre If we had children they would have been prettyIf we had children they would have been wittyIf we had children they would have been cleverHad we had children they may well never: Never forgive us the collective stupidityNever forgive us the unfettered greedNever forgive us that on the day we conceivedWe didn’t insteadContinue reading “For the love of our children”