The BirthStrike Movement has been kept alive by the Reddit sub. A special mention needs to be given to the antinatalist sub for inspiring this movement. The unparalleled empathy and intellectual integrity of the antinatalist philosophy is the proverbial “heart and soul” of the BirthStrike ideology, which seeks to place child safety as its top priority.

The BirthStrike Movement is a natural convergence of natalism and antinatalism.

Artwork by Pearl_the_5th

Symbolism behind the logo:
Despite the fact that rabbits are famous for their fecundity, they are capable of foetal resorption, and utilise this ability when the environment is unsuitable, resources are lacking or simply from stress, which I think is a pretty perfect analogy to humans going on birthstrike despite our own propensity to multiply.

The rabbit is also a prominent figure in two works I personally love and fully recommend that deal with themes relevant to birthstriking: as a symbol in the TV show Utopia, and as characters in the book Watership Down, the latter in particular. If you’re familiar with the 1978 film, you may have noticed my design resembles that of the Black Rabbit of Inlé; if you had noticed, well done – you noticed quicker than I did, which was only earlier today while watching this video.

The green represents earth and dark green environmentalism, the aqua/cyan water and air.

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